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Expert Driving Lessons In Burnley And Surrounding Areas

The road to becoming a skilled and confident driver begins at Mick's Driving's Cool! With over 25 years of experience, I offer a range of comprehensive driving instructor services in Burnley and surrounding areas within 15 miles. Discover the art of defensive driving with personalised driving lessons that prioritise your safety and enhance your skills.

I provide a 1-2-1 service with pick-up and drop-off for your convenience. If you're a nervous learner, I will provide patient guidance to build your confidence behind the wheel. I also offer hazard perception training for a better grasp of possible road risks. Whether you're a beginner or seeking refresher driving lessons, choose my services and experience a cool, calm, and professional approach to learning to drive.

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Driving Instructor Services For Everyone

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Defensive Driving Lessons

My defensive driving lessons empower you with advanced skills to handle unexpected road situations confidently. Learn proactive techniques to figure out and avoid potential hazards, ensuring a safer driving experience.

Disabled Driving Lessons

Tailored for differently-abled individuals, my disabled driving lessons provide a supportive and accessible learning environment. Gain the expertise to adapt to your special needs, making driving a comfortable and inclusive experience.

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Driving Theory Test Training

Get the edge in your theory test with my comprehensive driving course. Master the rules of the road, traffic signals, and traffic laws, and be well-prepared to pass your theory test with flying colours.

Mock Driving Tests

Practice makes perfect. My mock driving tests simulate real exam conditions, helping you build confidence and fine-tune your driving skills. Approach your actual test day with assurance and readiness.

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Motorway Driving Lessons

Elevate your driving prowess with motorway lessons. Learn the art of safe, high-speed driving, lane changes, and merging, equipping you to navigate motorways confidently and efficiently.

Nervous Driver Lessons

Overcome anxiety and nervousness with an understanding and gentle driving instructor. My patient approach and personalised guidance provide nervous drivers with the tools and confidence they need to succeed.

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Pass Plus

Enhance your driving skills beyond the basics. Pass Plus courses cover advanced topics like night driving, adverse weather conditions, and city driving, making you a more capable and responsible driver.

Refresher Driving Lessons

I provide refresher lessons for those looking to brush up on their driving skills. My tailored approach will help you regain confidence and competence behind the wheel.

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Learn To Drive With An Experienced Instructor

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